Effective Dark Lips Treatment Sterling and Neutralization 

Are you struggling with dark lips that make you feel self-conscious? We offer the most effective dark lips treatment Sterling, to help you regain beautiful, natural lips. Our expert team is dedicated to helping you achieve the perfect pout you've always desired.

Dark Lips Treatment in Sterling

Various factors, including genetics, smoking, excessive sun exposure, and certain medications, can cause dark lips. Whatever the cause, our dark lips treatment in Sterling is tailored to address your specific needs. We understand that dark lips can affect your confidence and self-esteem, and we are here to help you look and feel your best.

Our experienced professionals at Sterling Beauty Clinic utilize cutting-edge techniques and top-quality products to lighten and rejuvenate your lips. Our treatments are safe and minimally invasive, ensuring that you experience minimal discomfort and downtime. Whether you have naturally dark lips or have developed pigmentation over time, we have the expertise to provide you with a customized solution that works.

Neutralization of Lips in Sterling

If you want to neutralize your lips' color to achieve a more even, natural tone, our neutralization services in Sterling are the perfect choice. Our skilled professionals use advanced techniques to balance the pigmentation of your lips, creating a harmonious and beautiful appearance.

Why Choose Re:Pigment.Me Sterling Beauty Clinic?

1. Expertise

Our professional team has extensive experience treating dark lips and neutralizing lip pigmentation. We stay updated with the latest advancements in the field to provide you with the best possible results.

2. Personalized Approach

We understand that each individual is unique, as are their lip concerns. We take a personalized approach to every treatment, ensuring your specific needs and goals are met.

3. Safety First

Your safety is our priority. We use only certified products and follow strict hygiene and safety protocols to guarantee a worry-free experience.

4. Natural Results

Our treatments are designed to enhance your natural beauty, leaving you with subtle and natural results.

5. Consultation

Before any treatment, we offer a thorough consultation to assess your lips and discuss your goals. We'll provide you with a detailed treatment plan and answer any questions.

Regain Your Confidence

Dark lips can be a source of self-consciousness, but you don't have to live with them. With our lips neutralization sterling, you can regain the confidence to smile and speak without worry.

Contact Re:Pigment.Me Sterling Beauty Clinic today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards beautiful, natural lips you'll love showing off.


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01 |    Are you licened?

State of Virginia requires all individuals performing permanent cosmetics, including Microblading to hold a valid Permanent Cosmetics Tattooer License and the procedure can only be performed in the salon that holds a valid Permanent Cosmetics Tattoo Salon License.  Maryna holds both of the licenses that can be looked up on the Virginia’s DPOR Government Website http://www.dpor.virginia.gov/LicenseLookup/. Our licenses numbers are 1236000556 and 1238000117. In addition to the mandatory licenses Maryna holds Permanent Cosmetics Tattooer Instructor License 1250000066 and Master Permanent Cosmetics Tattooer License 1237000029.

02 |    Do you have a referral program?

For each person you refer, you’ll receive $25 off your next service! There is no limit on referrals, so if you refer 4 people, you’ll receive $100 off your nest session.

03 |    Will I have to take time off work?

Most clients go to work the same or the following day. All procedures do look bold initially and will be their darkest in the first 48 hours following the procedure. Please ensure you read the “healing agenda” for your procedure prior to booking and prepare yourself accordingly.

04 |    Do you offer tattoo removal procedures?

If you are interested in a removal, we do offer Xtract solution tattoo lightening procedure. Our tattoo pigment removals are the least invasive type of removal and lighten the ink by breaking the pigment particles and pulling it to the surface of the skin. Unlike laser tattoo removal, it doesn’t affect the existing eyebrow hair.

Clients typically need at least 3 sessions to move forward. The entire lightening process could take up to 10 sessions, 6 weeks apart depending on how deep your previous artist deposited the ink into the skin and how saturated it is.

After the first lightening session, the pigment will actually appear darker since the ink is being pulled to the surface of the skin. The pigment will then become lighter after the second/third removal.

05 |    What is permanent makeup (cosmetic tattoo)?

Permanent makeup is cosmetic tattooing. The specialized technique used for permanent cosmetics is often referred to as “micropigmentation”. “Microblading” is also a form of permanent makeup, it is a cosmetic tattoo just like the other techniques. The cosmetic implantation technique deposits colored pigment into the upper reticular layer of the dermis. Please make sure that you’re comfortable with the permanence of facial tattooing. Like with any form of tattooing, pigment colors change in the skin over time and become duller. Cosmetic tattooing is somewhat less permanent than body tattooing but traces of pigment will more than likely always remain in the skin and need ongoing annual touch-up sessions.

06 |    What is your sterilization/sanitation process?

If you're new to building websites, our video tutorials will get up and running quickly. If you already know concepts behind CSS and the box model, you will feel at home in Webflow.

07 |    How to make sure you are happy with your result?

Please check our work and style at instagram. You should look at both the fresh work and the healed pictures because it will not look the same. If you expect your eyebrows/lips/eyeliner to heal like the freshly done ones you see online, you will be very disappointed. This is not how it works. Pigments fade after your skin heals and look lighter and softer under the skin. We don’t do unnatural eyebrows, round eyebrows, eyebrows double the size of your natural ones, eyebrows above your brow bone, extremely thin eyebrows, etc. Find the artist whose style speaks to you, don’t expect them to change their style for you.​

Please come with the realistic expectations. This is cosmetic tattooing procedure, not magic. If you don’t have much hair, unfortunately, your eyebrows will not look the same as on clients with lots of hair. When looking for the before and after pictures, look for the before eyebrows/lips that look similar to yours (the amount of hair, the thickness of the hair, skin color, skin texture, brow bone structure, lip size and color) because we are all different and will have different results.

08 |    Can I get my eyebrows/lips done if I have a previous tattoo?

In most cases we don’t work on clients who has an existing cosmetic tattoo, unless it is 99% faded or removed first without any scar tissue left behind.

In person consultation will be required to determine if your eyebrows/lips/eyes are workable because scar tissue is not detectable on the pictures in most cases.


If you come to your scheduled appointment and you have an exciting cosmetic tattoo that wasn’t mentioned in your booking email, even if you have just few hair strokes left or you think is faded, your appointment will be canceled, and you will forfeit your non-refundable booking fee.

09 |    Do you offer touch-up prices on work I received elsewhere?

We only touch-up our own work. There are no touch-up prices on work done elsewhere. In most cases we don’t work on clients with excising cosmetic tattoos unless the previous pigment is 99% faded or removed first. If your photo was approved by us, you will be considered a new client and your procedure will be charged accordingly.


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