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Are you tired of constantly applying mascara or false lashes to achieve that perfect fluttery look? Look no further than the Eyelash Enhancement permanent makeup procedure at Re:Pigment.

Me.Using state-of-the-art technology and techniques, our highly skilled technicians will carefully tattoo fine, natural-looking lines in between your lashes, giving the appearance of fuller, longer lashes without the need for daily makeup application.

Say goodbye to smudging, flaking, and clumping mascara and hello to effortlessly stunning eyes that will turn heads wherever you go. And the best part? The results are long-lasting, saving you time and money in the long run.

At Re:Pigment.Me, we prioritize your safety and comfort, using only the highest quality pigments and sterile equipment. Our team of experts will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring you leave with the lashes of your dreams.

So what are you waiting for? Enhance your natural beauty with the Eyelash Enhancement permanent makeup procedure at Re:Pigment.Me. Book your appointment now and see the difference for yourself!

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Following pre-care instructions is an important step in ensuring a safe and beautiful outcome.

* Must remove all eyelash extensions if you wear any.

* Discontinue the use of eyelash grow serum for a minimum of 30 days prior to the appointment.

* Do not drink alcohol 24 - 48 hours before the procedure.

* Do not consume any caffeine 24 hour before your procedure.

* Do not take Aspirin or Ibuprofen for pain relief 24 hours before the procedure.
* No antibiotics or steroids for 30 days before your appointment.

* Come a week before or after your menstrual cycle for less discomfort.

* Eat before your appointment, don’t come in hungry so you feel more relaxed.

* Bring a light sweater or blanket if you get cold easily.

* Lookup the directions ahead of time and arrive 10 mins early.

Eyelash Enhancement gives you:

* A natural look while turning the focus to the eyes.

* The right line and definition can help to give the illusion of a slightly different eye shape.

* Enjoy shading eyeliner for 1.5-2 years.

* Enjoy a brighter look from the moment you wake up.

* For clients with slightly lowered eyelids, we can customize a shape to help visually lift the corners of the eyes, creating a more open effect.

Healing process - this is what you might expect during the healing phase:

- Some swelling, bruising and tenderness around the eyes is expected during the first couple days.

- Slight tenderness may continue as well as some tightness or itchiness around the eyes during the first week.

- If your eyeliner is kept clean and dry then only a thin film (similar to sunburn peel, not a scab) will appear.

- The film will peel off lightly by itself after 5 - 7 days and may not exfoliate evenly.

- Picking the film will cause irritation, can lead to scars and will lift color from the treated area resulting in unevenness and blank spots.

- The color implanted may fade during the peeling process.

- The color may look cloudy or shiny.

- During the healing, the new skin cells are covering the pigment inside, after 4 - 6 weeks when skin settles down, you’ll notice that your eyeliner tattoo will start looking darker again.

- If you liked your eyeliner as it was when you left the first appointment (shape, style etc), we will do the exact same thing again at your touch up appointment. Most clients actually go darker!
- After your touch up session, the pigment will hold a lot better and will feel and look healed a lot quicker than the first time.

- Healing is specific to each client and it’s important to realize that you’ll need a color boost every 1 - 5 years depending on your lifestyle choices to maintain the vibrancy of your eyeliner.

- Black color always takes the longest to fade so you will probably have less top ups on your eyeliner than you will any other cosmetic tattoo you may have such as lip blush or eyebrows.

- When you leave the appointment, your eyeliner will be intact and we will do our best to help you heal properly. Your lifestyle choices, age, genetics, and skin type will contribute to the retention of your eyeliner. If you use sun-beds, sunbathe, don’t use sun protection, smoke, use anti-aging creams or acidic cleansers, your eyeliner WILL fade faster and you’ll need to come earlier for your refresh touch ups.

- Cosmetic tattoo is an art, not a science. Your results will vary and using an eyeliner pencil may still be needed, especially when wearing heavy coverage makeup. This is not necessarily a no maintenance treatment, but a low maintenance treatment. No two sides of the face are the same or perfectly symmetrical and whilst trying to obtain perfect symmetry is my goal, nothing is guaranteed or 100% perfect.

Following after-care instructions is an important step in ensuring a safe and beautiful outcome.

- If it is needed, apply an ice pack provided for 10 - 15 minutes each hour for the first 4 - 8 hours following the procedure for the swelling to go down faster.

- Use lubricating eye drops provided if you experience any dryness in your eyes.

- For the first 3 hours following your procedure, wipe the treated area every hour with the provided antiseptic wipes.

- On the second day, the treated area should be wiped down 3 times per day, morning, afternoon, and evening, using only the antiseptic wipes.

- Do not apply any water or cleansers of any kind for the first 7 days.

- A very thin layer of provided ointment should be applied consistently throughout the day to the treated area using a fresh Q-tip for 7 days.

- Applying too much ointment will lead to premature permanent pigment fading. A little bit goes a long way. This will keep the area from getting too dry and will accelerate the healing process.
- Do not press hard or rub when applying the ointment.

- Do not touch, pick, peel, scratch, rub or injure the treated area. If you do, you will experience a permanent pigment loss.

- Do not let any water, lotions, soaps, or makeup touch your eyes. Do not apply fake lashes or use lash curlers for the first 7 days.

- Use the protective shower visors provided when washing your hair in the shower for the first 7 days.

- No physical activity causing extreme sweating for the first 7 days.

- Do not expose the area to dirty or unsanitary conditions. Try to avoid being in dusty places for the first 3 days.

- No saunas, swimming pools, beach, hot tubs, hot bath/shower, sun tanning, tanning beds, massages, facials, eyelash tinting, laminating, or extensions for 30 days.

- Do not use products containing alcohol, lactic or fruit acids, retinol, glycolic acids, eyelash serums near the treated area for 30 days.

- Do not let the area become too dry, keep it moist at all times.

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Can I have eyelash extensions? What if I wear contacts?

Contacts and lash extensions must not be worn during both sessions. Contacts can be used directly after the appointment, while new lash extensions can be applied 6 weeks afterward. If you wear strip lashes daily, you will need to wait for a full 7 days to apply them again after each session.

I use eyelash growth serum, such as latisse. can i still get my eyes done?

If your eyelash growth serum has Bimatoprost in the ingredient list, you must discontinue using it for a minimum of 30 days prior to both of your eyelash enhancement procedures. Bimatoprost is a common and popular prostaglandin analog used as an ocular hypotensive agent in the treatment of glaucoma. Side effects include ocular hyperemia, ocular pruritus, and periocular and iris pigmentary changes. One of the side effects is minor coloring of the skin and thinning the skin that you apply the product to. This can look like a dark pink line above the lashes (like an eyeliner line). Luckily, this coloration is reversible and will disappear after stopping the application for several weeks to several months. It will make your eyelid skin super sensitive to tattoos and we wouldn’t be able to implant any pigment in.

What can i expect immediately after getting an eyeliner tattoo?

After the procedure clients might experience some mild swelling of the eyelids which usually goes away in 24 hours. Clients should avoid water and eye makeup directly on the lash line for 5 days. You will be given shower protective visors and Aquaphor to make it go smoothly. Some dryness and very minimal peeling can occur as it heals. The color is a little more intense directly after the procedure. Intensity diminishes after the first week, and they are fully healed at 6 weeks.

How long will my eyeliner tattoo last?

The pigment won’t wash away like your topical makeup, but it is designed to fade over time. Different factors including skin type, sun exposure, pigment color (lighter colors fade faster), chemical peels coming in touch with the area, will affect how fast the pigment breaks down.

For best results, it is important that you follow up the aftercare instructions and touch up your eyelash enhancement tattoo every 2-3 years or as needed.

Most clients come for a color boost after 2 years.

*Please note that final results CANNOT be guaranteed, as each unique skin type has different retention and breaks the pigment down at diverse rates. We will re-evaluate how your skin has received the pigment during your 6-12 week touch-up (included in the initial procedure price) and make any adjustments necessary. We do not recommend getting any additional touch-ups after your second session as the skin on the eyelids is very thin and can’t handle too much trauma in such a short time.

Refresh/annual touch-up

The maintenance/color boost touch-up session is performed within 12-36 months of the last service to maintain the pigment color and shape.

This touch-up price is only on work done by us, there is no touch-up rate for the work done elsewhere.

No touch-ups will be performed before 12 months to avoid skin trauma.

Appointments after 36 months of the last service will be charged our current full price and will require 2 sessions to complete.


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