$800 *

Powder/Ombre brows are meant to create a powder look much like topical soft powder makeup. It is not for creating individual hair strokes at all and are best for clients who want a more filled in looking brow or have brows but want a base color. This technique is the most gentle for the skin and the most natural looking after healing and aging. This is the only technique that will work even for oily skin types & skin with large pores or visible wrinkles. Can last anywhere between 1-3 years. 

The first session is around 2.5-3 hours long so please plan your time accordingly. Includes 1 complimentary touch-up session in 6-12 weeks after the first appointment. No additional touch-ups will be performed earlier than 12 months after the last service to avoid skin trauma. Annual touch-ups are recommended to keep the color looking fresh. 

Please book your complimentary touch-up appointment when booking the initial one.

Marina is no longer offering Microblading, Nano Brows (hair stokes done with a machine) or Combination Brows (a hybrid of hair strokes & powder brows). Even though it looks absolutely amazing on the fresh right after photos Microblading technique is the most traumatic of all and cause permanent scarring of the skin. Marina is trained in Microblading with PhiBrows and Advanced Microblading Acadamy and has over 2 years of Microblading experience however after doing more research on this technique and seeing how it looks after 1 & 2 years Marina has decided to stop offering this technique to her clients even though it is still the most requested. Unfortunately, there is a lot of false information about Microblading online right now. Even if it is done well the first time, by doing it over an over again every year skin will eventually permanently scar and it will be impossible to reverse it. Please be careful and do your research before doing Microblading.

Even if the hair strokes are done with a machine and are not Microbladed they will still not look like hair strokes after a few months. Unfortunately, even though it looks very natural when freshly done all hair strokes eventually blur out inside the skin after a few months and they only look like individual thin hair strokes for a very short amount of time before they turn into blobs of color and start looking patchy which will look very fake especially in the beginning of the brow so everyone will be able to tell it is not real hair but a tattoo. 

Please feel free to read Marina's blog post on why she doesn't prefer individual hair strokes technique anymore here https://www.repigment.me/single-post/2018/02/02/Why-I-prefer-Powder-Brows-over-Hair-Strokes 




Your first touch-up is included in the price and will be scheduled 6-12 weeks from your initial appointment.


The touch-up is only on work done by Marina, there is no touch-up rate for the work done by another artist. Marina doesn't work over previously done eyebrows by another artist.




CONSULTATION / PATCH TEST   $50  (paid at booking)


(This is only if you prefer to come in for a consultation/patch test on a separate day, otherwise, consultation is free on the same day as your scheduled appointment. Patch test has to be done at least 72 hours before your scheduled appointment. If the appointment is scheduled after the consultation and the $300 non-refundable booking fee is paid, $50 will be applied towards the scheduled appointment)

To book a consultation on a separate day please email Marina at info@repigment.me



ANNUAL TOUCH-UP           $400*

(Touch-Up performed between 12-24 months of the last service. Marina doesn't do any additional touch-ups before 12 months from the last service to avoid skin trauma. All procedures later than 24 months of the last service will be considered a new appointment and will require 2 sessions and will be charged current full price $800).





*Rates are subject to change anytime without notice







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